domingo, 4 de mayo de 2008

More Silver fine Jewelry

My friends I am very happy to show you more silver Jewelry.

Please let me know if you want to bou some of them.

Best prices for Distributors.

CPA Hector Espinoza
+51 1 9 93253674
+51 1 777 5230

My collection in silver, gold and natural stones

Hi my name is Hector Espinoza, from Lima Peru, southamerica, since 1990 CPA and consultant in PWC a big 5 trasnational.

5 years ago I begun to produce bronze, silver and gold with natural stones, leather or wood.

Then I started to be a supplier of YSCM a big company in jewelry in Peru.

Most importante experience working in this company is he quality control they trained to Us.

Now I and my team are making desings and ethnic Collections.

Since my country I'm very excited to let you know about my work.

See the pictures, I can produce and provide all your designs or mines.

I can visit your office in US if you are a big client, please let us know your comments in:

+51 1 7775230

+51 1 9 93253674